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"The only thing that'll make you put Pockit Rockit down is the unstoppable urge you’ll have to check out all this amazing music."
Todd Beaupre, Director, Yahoo! Music

"I’m always looking for music and Pockit Rockit is like having musical X-Ray Spex to see through the clutter, right to the thrills I’m seeking."
Keith D’Arcy, VP Music Licensing, SonyBMG, vinyl junkie

"Pockit Rockit has passion. It expands our appreciation of music, way beyond the charts, and makes it easier and more enjoyable to share the gift of music. Expand your horizons!"
Mike Sakellarides, KOST 103.5 FM, Los Angeles

"A MUST have for any music professional or music enthusiast. I use mine daily with Charlie Tuna."
Heather Case, Executive Producer, KBIG 104.4 FM, Los Angeles

"Make space for you Pockit Rockit rght next to your Whitburn collection! Yes, it’s that important and that enjoyable!"
Kevin O’Neill, WNIC 100.3 FM, Detroit

"Forget buying random CDs that you hope you'll like. Using Pockit Rockit is like paying the smart kid to write your history essay...Ari does all the research, you reap the benefits!"
Jill Taylor, KPLZ, Seattle

"It’s like having a dozen friends, all with great taste and amazing record collections."
Dave Lefkowitz, Dave’s Gone By, WGBB 1240 AM, New York

"Pockit Rockit allows you to expand your musical horizons on your own terms. It’s like having a great recond store clerk at your disposal, without the pretentiousness and comic book collection."
Duane Harriott, Other Music, New York

"Pockit Rockit reaches into areas most music reference book writers and editors can’t even fathom."
DJ Greg Caz, renown New York DJ

"A fun rock ‘n roll read! Great info for the novice and the expert."
Geoff Cole, 96 Rock, Atlanta

"A music bible! Helps me make educated additions to my collection."
Shel Bailey, 97.1 Charlie FM, Portland , OR

"This is a no brainer…a must have for ANY music fan."
Kathy Hart, WTMX 101.9, Chicago

"Dude, the book is SICK. I love it."
Jonathan Schwartz, Jam On, Sirius Radio, Relix Magazine

"Perfect companion for a trip to the CD store, or when buying music for others. Awesome job, buddy. You nailed it!"
Miles Hampton, Margaritaville, Sirius Radio

"Pockit Rockit is fun for the music aficionado and a must for the music novice. Makes a great stocking stuffer!"
Maria Milito, Q104, 104.3 FM, New York

"I am amazed at how insightful and accurate this book it and believe that it's truly revolutionary -in a world where it's all been done before, this is a real stand-out."
Manini M. ( New York , NY )

"Whether you are a music lover with little time to seek out new artists or a music junkie with thousands of recordings there is something in the Pockit Rockit for you.

The mainstream-to-very-obscure range of this pocket-sized book is extraordinary. The format is also easy to follow, with helpful appendices. Most impressive is the author's deep knowledge of the musical universe and ability to clearly convey the subtle nuances of each artist. He is right on the mark. For example, I am a big Led Zeppelin fan, and just checked out Captain Beyond (who?!) based on the description, and was blown away. I also recently gave a Pockit Rockit to my 60-year-old father who stopped actively expanding his music collection when he became an extremely busy professional and parent. Being a fan of Pink Floyd, he recently bought a recommended Genesis album, and is enjoying it very much. I also love the organic nature of the book; it is a fun and compelling read, and I now find myself referring to it constantly!"
Amanda N ( San Francisco , CA )

"Erudite and expansive but still roughly the size of a Zagat this book is a must have for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of great music. The best part of the Pockit Rockit is the way it's laid out, leading you to new artists through the ones you know and love. Running the gamut from the most mainstream (say, Dolly Parton) to the wildly obscure (Exhorder), from Free Jazz and Prog-Metal to Hip-Hop and Folk there's no style of music or type of artist you've been interested in that you won't find a path to in this book. Weather you buy cd's and vinyl or download songs online, the Pockit Rockit is an indispensable tool with which to enrich your love of music."
Sean D. ( New York , NY )

"Why did nobody think of this before?! This book is my new shortcut…I looked up Iggy Pop and I recognized most of the "Artists you'll like" except for one: The Dictators. This was new to me, so I checked them out online and they are awesome! That's the way this book works…Anyway, if you like music you'll really enjoy this book!"
R. Engel "Music Nut" ( New York , NY )

"For anyone finally waking up to the power (and ease) of buying music online one barrier that still remains is the raw quantity of music out there to be sampled and explored. Pockit Rockit is a fantastic tool to help you cut to the chase. It takes things you know you like and then opens your musical world to related/similar music you may not be aware of. With Pockit Rockit and a site like iTunes, you can have your iPod player loaded up with cool music you were never aware of in mere minutes!

Pockit Rockit is incredibly versatile. Not only is it a creative and inexpensive gift for all ages, but it's a truly indispensable resource for the busy party planner! Pockit Rockit is the equivalent of a really good cookbook that presents fool-proof complements for the norm. And it's fun to read, too!"
Scott & Amy S ( New Jersey )

"Simply put...this guide is remarkable! If you've ever been in a record store looking at an artists catalog that you always wanted to check out, but didn't know what to begin with, this book is the place to start. This guide should be on every music lover’s bookshelf."
A.V. "Drizza" ( Los Angeles , CA )

"A musical journey that ends in discovery…In only 3 or 4 sentences, the author encapsulates a musician's body of work and then refers you to similar artists. As an old folkie, I was delighted to see entries for Laura Nyro ("woefully underappreciated"), Janis Ian ("off-center subject matter...in an effectively melancholy melodic style") and Joni Mitchell ("vision to explore and push her talent through folk, pop, jazz and further"). A good book to curl up with and then go out and discover new artists, whatever your musical taste."
Sherry K ( Toronto , Ontario )

"Great idea, well-written, helpful and lots o’ fun…This comprehensive roadmap to music is filled with household names such as the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and U2 as well as artists you've never heard of (or is it just me?) such as Van Der Graaf Generator, Ozomatli and Pink Fairies. The book is very lively, consistently interesting and at times refreshingly comical."
Ron M. ( Manhattan , NY )

"Like many other people, I do not have the time to keep up with the large number of new bands that come and go. The Pockit Rockit has helped me to find music that I like and appreciate literally across decades of time. Simply by identifying a group that I listened to in the 60's or 70's, I was able to link to groups that I never heard of in the 80's, 90's and beyond that I immediately enjoyed. This is a must for anyone who ever appreciated popular music."
Steve V., MD ( New Rochelle , NY )

"Incredible reference guide. Lesser-known but talented bands like Mars Volta and Magma should thank Pockit Rockit for generating such attention. Massive music enthusiasm is evident throughout the guide. The language is very fresh and, at times, comical. Pockit Rockit will introduce you to a new world of music, one that will positively affect your life."
Dan R. ( New York , NY )

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