Pockit Rockit Music Finder 2.0

Welcome to Pockit Rockit!

We're trying to put together the most useful music discovery service we can, with the widest range of the most compelling music, in the most accessible and efficient format we know: If You Like X, Then Try Y. From consensus classics to the hopeless obscurities, we're trying to jam the best of it here and we’re evolving every day.

There’s tons of work still to be done and zillions of artists still to be added, but please feel free to come in anyway and check out what we're doing. There are more than a couple of kinks to be worked out but we thought it would be cool for you to see what's going on while it's going on. Let us know what you think and feel, what artists and albums you'd like to see here, and what we could do for you to make music discovery as fast and fun as it could be.